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Effective teaching should be shared, not kept secret.

The HMCT continues the legacy of ArtCenter Professor Leah Hoffmitz Milken, who for three decades, left her mark on students through her skilled tutelage in typography and visual problem solving, inspiring future generations of “thinking designers.” Leah had a profound dedication to teaching and her desire to give back to her students and fellow educators. She was intensely interested in the effects of technology and changing cultural influences on the design of letterforms and the role of typography in visual communication.

Design Educators Typography Intensive is a virtual learning environment, developed in partnership with Google, for typography and design educators teaching at the university level. Attendees will be exposed to new approaches and pedagogies that can enhance their effectiveness in teaching typography and design.

Four type-centric online instruction modules will be led by renowned educators and experts. A breakout classroom session for active discussion, limited to 20 educator attendees, will follow each module.